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Pyramid energy

Pyramid models can vary in size from a few inches to a number of feet, they have been constructed and used to house a variety of both and animate and inanimate objects, including human beings.

Research indicates that the material out of which the models are constructed has little bearing upon the results.

Small Pyramids have usually been made from cardboard, and the larger pyramids have been made of wood, fibreglass, glass, and plastic sheeting.

The presence of metal in or on the Pyramid would seem to both inhibit and enhance the electromagnetic properties of the energy spectrum, depending upon the placement and relative amount of the metal.

The length of time that objects are left in the Pyramid has been directed by the results obtained on a trial and error basis.

For example, food commodities have been left in Pyramids for several weeks and individuals have remained inside larger pyramids from a few minutes to a number of hours.

The results reported include preservation of food items, purification of water, increased growth of plants, improved germination of seeds, and for human subjects greater relaxation, improved contemplative and meditative states, healing, tranquillity, and even rejuvenation.

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Excitement about pyramid energy was first aroused with the publication of Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain

The word "Pyramid" comes from the Greek "Pyro", meaning fire, and "amid", which means being at the centre.

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Television engineer Karel Drbal

from Czechoslovakia started to experiment with several small models of the Cheops pyramid,  Drbal told Ostrander and Schroeder,

"there is a relationship between the shape of the space inside the pyramid and the physical, chemical, and biological process going on inside that space.By using suitable forms and shapes, we should be able to make the process occur faster or delay them."

Turning his attention to metal, Drbal wondered if the edge of a razorblade, which has a crystal structure and becomes dull after use, could not be returned to its original degree of sharpness if placed within the energy field of a pyramid.

It worked 50 to 200 times from a single blade. The year was 1950.
How the Pyramid shape generates Energy

In a pamphlet entitled The Pyramid and Its Relationship to Cosmic Energy, G. Patrick Flannigan, Ph.D. stated,

"the major secret of the great Pyramids of Giza, the seventh wonder of the world, is so obvious that it is hidden with the word pyramid.
We shall attempt to demonstrate that by a cosmic energy is the fire in the middle which has eluded scientists for thousands of years".

Dr Flannigan went on to say :

"the Pyramid of Giza generates milli microwave or nano wave radiation by the simple fact that you have five corners.
They are the four base corners and the apex. These corners are in effect a type of nano wave radiator.
The radiation from the molecules all the atoms of matter in the Pyramid combine by the angles of the corners into a beam which bisects the angles of the corners and transmits a beam of this radiation towards the centre of the pyramid".

Dr Flannigan added:

"these energies all combined in the centre or Kings chamber area of the pyramid. The molecules or atoms in this area absorb these energies by resonance.

As the energy increases, the electron orbits start to expand. As more energy is absorbed, more expansion occurs. There would be a point at which, if there were too much energy absorbed, the atoms would disintegrate and the electrons would fly off, but the energy required would be far more than the Pyramid could concentrate.

As the energy increases, there is an increase in circulation and finally we have a highly saturated energy atmosphere in the wave bands around 10 nm. These energies also radiate outwards from the corners of the pyramid."